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3D Printing by GP Instruments

At GP Instruments we use 3D printing to generate our own prototypes, production pieces and engineering models. Now we can offer that service to you

Your Part from Your Drawing

We have 3D printers printing in ABS, PLA, nylon, TPU and many resins. including dental, high temperature and engineering. Whether it is SLA or FDM, we can print your piece.

With GP Instruments you are not just sending your file off for printing. We are professionals who can work with you to get the best print  from your design. We are engineers who have developed our expertise for our own projects and are happy to share what we’ve learned with you.

Call us to discuss your project or if you already have optimized your drawing contact us for how to send us the file and get your part printed. Fast, easy and professionally.

What can we customize for you to make your electrochemistry measurement?

Electrochemistry Inquiry

Do you have boards to manufacture or assemble? A part you need 3D printed?

Manufacturing 3D Print Inquiry

What liquid handling problem needs solving?

Liquid Handling Inquiry

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