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AJ 200 Potentiostat


The AJ200 provides an analog answer to your electrochemical needs. There are no computer connections and no menus to navigate. It is a simple instrument for simple applications. Since it is analog in design we can offer you BNC outputs so you can monitor the potential or current output with an oscilloscope, an x-y recorder or pair it with your own data acquisition system.

Most modern potentiostats are designed for computer control from the ground up. Their data are compensated, corrected and improved to provide the “best” answer. That's quite an accomplishment and has provided useful information in many areas. It has its drawbacks. It is expensive. It takes some sense of control away from the operator and it does not give you the true picture of what your analog data looks like. That approach is great for making difficult measurements but what about the majority of measurements that are simple, routine and rather trivial? For those situations you are still forced to pay for the complexity built into the modern potentiostat. That is no longer true!

The AJ200 was designed for the end-user who has a need for a potentiostat from time to time and doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars. It is for the researcher who has a bank of cells that he needs to control for long periods of time (battery research, redox applications, etc). It is for the educator who needs to demonstrate concepts at a reasonable price. It is for any scientist who needs a simple potentiostat and doesn't want to spend the time and money to design and build his own.

The AJ200 is a simple, analog based potentiostat with current range from 100 nA full-scale to 100 mA full-scale. All ranges are capable of 2X full-scale. The current range is selected by a 7 position switch. It has a set knob for

setting the applied potential and a selector switch to display the value of the applied potential, the measured potential, the current or the external input value. Three BNC connections are provided for Eout, Iout and External Input.

Simple experiments where a potential is applied and current measured can easily be performed. More complex experiments are possible when the user adds a waveform generator, a data acquisition system or an oscilloscope. Since the input and output BNCs are analog the experimenter can see the “true” response of his system to square waves, sine waves, step functions or any new waveform the user can imagine.

The AJ200 is an ideal instrument for teaching purposes, simple experiments and 90% of the electrochemistry done in the lab. What makes it remarkable is that for the first time scientists can acquire this type of instrument without breaking their budget or wasting their experimenting time by building their own potentiostat.

± 2 V


± 200 mA

100 nA to 100 mA in decades (all ranges capable of 2X Fullscale)

± 10 V

Better than 1 V/µSec into 1 kOhm

> 1010

< 20 pA

>10 kHz

6¾“ x 4” x 1¼“

1 lbs

Ext In for Applied Potential (Max input ±2 V)

E and I

90-240 V, 2 A

Applied (internal) Potential Range

Applied Potential Accuracy

Max Current

Current Range

Compliance Voltage

Rise Time

RE Input

I/E Input Bias

Frequency Response



Inputs (BNC)

Outputs (BNC)